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 3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Internet Marketing

Millions of people around the globe are using their computers and mobile devices to find products and services which YOU offer online.  Who will they find?  Will they find you or your competitor, whom is using internet marketing and SEO techniques?

Chances are the latter, unless you take this article into heart.

You see, you could do all the business marketing you can offline.  You can pay $500 per month for a non-converting bulletin board on the interstate.  You can spend several thousand dollars a month to have your advertisement listed with your local newspaper.  You can spend tens of thousands of dollars a year for other small business marketing services: yellow pages ad, radio ad, television ad and so forth.  But those old marketing techniques just no longer work… not the same way they used to.  Why?

Well, it’s simple really.  Consumers are no longer using these mediums.  For instance, when they need to know what’s going on in the world… They don’t go buy a news paper or wait for the five o’clock news feed…  They get on their Blackberry or iPhone and do a Google search.

The same is true when they need a product or service.  No longer do they use the phone book to look up a number… Instead, they are using their laptops or iPads and doing a Google Local or Facebook Places search.

The old is out, and the new is in.  And what is the new?  Internet marketing.

You see, you can still perform local search marketing with the Internet.  Fact is, you can target your local prospects even easier with local business internet marketing.  Check it out!  Here are a few good reasons you should be using internet marketing for all of your local business advertising.


There are over a billion people using the internet today, and I would even go as far to say EVERYONE in the United States has used the internet.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask everyone you know.  Ask them if they have ever used an internet search engine before…  Ask them if they have ever bought something on the internet before…  Ask them if they are part of a social network like Facebook.

Chances are, everyone you ask will answer yes to all three questions above.

Well, the best way to build a flood of customer traffic is to go where that traffic is, and that traffic is on the internet.


The internet levels the playing field for small businesses, like yours, with large multi-million dollar corporations.  No longer can the those big guys manhandle the small business owner.  Using small business marketing tactics online, you can easily reach the EXACT same customer those big guys are targeting.

And it does not matter if they are throwing millions of dollars into their marketing department…  Why?  Because of the next reason.

Cost Reduction

Utilizing small business marketing online, you can reduce your overall advertising costs.  No longer do you need to fork out thousands of dollars a year in advertising… Instead you can spend pennies on the dollar and get the exact same results!

Now, how is that for leveling the playing field!  You can start a Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign for just $50 and be successful.

The point being, you cannot afford to not have internet marketing working for you.  But chances are you are not an internet marketing expert.  No problem, you can outsource your internet marketing needs to a local marketing company.

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