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 The Demise of Traditional Advertising And the RISE of Internet Local Business Advertising

So, you are a small business owner and you are in need of a new business marketing strategy, right?  Why?  Well, frankly because your current marketing method is not brining in new customers…  customers which turn into buyers…  buyers which turn into cold hard cash for your business.

It’s this missing cash flow which has you reevaluating your current small business marketing method.  Well, you are truly lucky that you have found this article in your quest for the ultimate local business advertising solutions.

Check it out.  What follows are the four local business advertising methods to never use:

Yellow Pages

Let me ask you a question.  The last time you needed the phone number and address to a local Italian restaurant, what did you do?  Did you waste over 15 minutes hunting your phonebook?  Once you found that phone book, did you waste three minutes searching for “Italian restaurants” only to be redirected by the phonebook to look under “restaurants”?

Chances are, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you got on your computer and did a fast Google search for “Italian restaurants Buffalo, New York”…  And you instantly got a list of local Italian restaurants to call.

Or perhaps you were driving around town with your spouse, and you both had the urge for a large pizza pie smothered in mushrooms.  What do you do?  Travel back home just to search for Italian restaurants in your phonebook?  No.  You’ll take your smart phone and do a fast local search for local Italian restaurants.

You see, 97% of your customers are looking for your business on the Internet.  Only 57% of your customers are using the Yellow Pages to find your business.  So, isn’t it obvious?  Yellow Pages are dying!


How do you get your daily dose of news in this modern age?  Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning at 6:00am, turn the coffee maker on, head out into the cold dewy dawn to check the mail and grab your local newspaper on the wet grass?  Or, do you get up… put some warm cumfy clothes on… turn on the coffee pot… get out your Kindle or iPad and surf your favorite news websites with the simple click of a button?

Most of your customers are doing the latter in this technological world.  In fact, there are several major and local newspaper companies, well, not printing newspapers any more.  Instead, they are posting all of their news items directly to the Internet and charging subscribers modest fees for premium news access.

Once again, 97% of customers are finding your business via the Internet, and only 53% are using your local newspaper.  The obvious?  Your local newspaper is dying! 

Television & Radio

Have you heard of XM Radio?  What about TiVo and DVR?  Well, what’s the purpose of these services?  To mainstream the user experience and bypass commercials…  This means your local business advertising.

Not to mention, more and more people are viewing all of their favorite television programs and movies on Internet services like Netflix and Hulu.

Let’s run by it again, 97% of your customers are finding your local business via the Internet, and only 49% are using television and radio.  What does this mean?  Television and radio are dead!

Internet Marketing

If you have not figured it out, the one method you should use for your own local business advertising is — the Internet.  Using the Internet, you can take advantage of affiliate marketing, PPC, Facebook marketing, local search marketing and so forth.

But how?  Well, you could spend years and thousands of dollars discovering what the experts already know well — how to get you more customers and money via the Internet.  So, hire yourself a local marketing company today, and get started on your very own local business internet marketing campaign today!  

Let the experts do what they do best, and you do what you do best — run your business.

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