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 3 Reasons You Need Facebook Marketing Today

Let me ask you a question.  How do you market your small business?  How do you spread the word of what your business is, and what it can offer your customer?

Chances are you’re using traditional local advertising.  For instance, newspaper, yellow pages, local magazines and so forth.  But are those marketing mediums getting you results?  Is your local business advertising campaign truly bringing raving buyers through your front doors?

If you’re reading this article, perhaps not.  Otherwise, you would not be searching for alternative business marketing methods.  But you know that the Internet has become a “mainstream” system today, and is an integral part of our social society.

You see, traditional small business marketing as we know it today is dead!  So, why not start some sort of local business Internet marketing campaign?  Why not modernize your business marketing techniques by incorporating new Facebook marketing techniques.

Let’s analyze the data.  Let’s see why you need a Facebook marketing campaign today.

First off…  As mentioned before, traditional marketing is dead.  When customers need to find a service, product or business they are no longer looking that need up in the phone book.  Instead, they are going online with their mobile devices and doing a quick search on Google Local or Facebook Places for the business’ phone number and address information.

You see, more than 350 million active Facebook users are accessing Facebook via their mobile devices.  They are “checking-in” at local businesses; they are “liking” local business’ Facebook Pages; and they are searching business’ information via their Facebook Places accounts.

So, if your business is not on Facebook…  You are giving your customers away to your competition, because they ARE on Facebook.

Second, traditional small business marketing is no longer the “most” targeted form of marketing.  Sure, you could throw a billboard up at the busiest intersection in town, and that might cost you a couple thousand a month, but how targeted are those “hot” leads?  The only thing you have going for you is that they are “local” leads.  That’s it.  

You have no clue how many of those people are actually interested in your product.  But with local search marketing AND Facebook Marketing you can!

You see, you can still target those EXACT same local leads as that big banner, and it will only cost you pennies on the dollar.

Utilizing Google Adwords you can develop a local search marketing campaign which will target all the true hot local leads in your city that ARE interested in what you’re selling.

How?  Well, these Google Adwords will show up right next to Google’s search results.  So, when your customer searches for Real Estate on Google…  Your Google Adwords campaign will show up at the top right of Google’s page.  You can’t get much more targeted than that, right?

Wrong!  With Facebook Ads you can target your customer’s via Facebook.  You see, Facebook has over 800 million active users, and you can target each and everyone of those users via Facebook’s Ads via their exact expressed interests, demographics and so forth.

It’s much more targeted than Google Adwords, and at a much lower cost.  You’re a company which sells only dog collars and dog leashes?  Want to target everyone in your city that has shown an expressed interest in dog walking?  You can do so with Facebook Ads.  So, why not start a local Facebook marketing campaign today?

Which brings us to our last reason.  Your competition already is utilizing Facebook marketing techniques.  They have a Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Places Page and are utilizing Facebook Ads.

You can give your customers away to your competition, or you can join the modernized world and get started with your own local Facebook marketing campaign.

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